Exterran’s XFACTOR Program

We believe that nothing is more important than safety – both on the job and away from it.

XFACTOR is Exterran’s global program, continually implemented throughout our worldwide operations, creating QHSE leadership and ownership at leach level of the company.

The program instills values among our employees at all levels with concern about their own safety and the safety of their coworkers to encourage safety leadership and ownership. It highlights personal commitment rather than compulsory duty, leading to a mindset that integrates safety into every work process at Exterran.

Initiated in 2010, XFACTOR is a multi-level, multi-year program that introduces and reinforces safety information among various work groups across Exterran’s different geographic regions. Each course is designed for a specific employee group and includes in-class presentations as well as web, video and written materials. Groups are taught or facilitated by their direct managers.

“XFACTOR for Leaders” drives managers, mid-level and up, to a new level of thinking about safety. The course is presented in half-day sessions.

“XFACTOR 24/7” provides front-line managers and supervisors with leadership and management tools to encourage safety awareness in all activities. Taught by each group’s manager, the course is based on a textbook that is presented chapter-by-chapter throughout the year.

“XFACTOR 3D” provides field employees with insight into the topics that influence their daily and hourly decisions. Front-line supervisors teach the topics, which includes a script, video and written materials.

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