Amine Treating Systems

Exterran’s Amine Systems remove contaminants such as carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide from natural gas streams in order to meet pipeline or pretreatment specifications. Our regeneration systems can be paired with an inlet gas contactor system sized to match the flow of the inlet gas, or a liquid product contactor system sized to match the flow of NGLs to be treated. Exterran has unmatched expertise in engineering state-of-the-art plant designs and bringing them online quickly, so you can see production profits faster.

  • 100 GPM
  • 200 GPM
  • 300 GPM
  • 400 GPM
  • 500 GPM

Fast Startup

  • Reduced manufacturing times with in-stock inventories of key components and finished standard products
  • Smaller footprint for faster, more cost-effective installation
  • QuickStart® commissioning personnel provide a smoother plant startup

Value Performance

  • Capacity margin for fluctuations in gas volume and composition
  • Reliable horizontal multi-stage circulation pumps
  • Experience in building plants up to 5,400 GPM and inlet gas up to 900 MMSCFD

Standard Features & Modules

Standard Features

  • Stainless-steel piping and equipment in key areas to ensure long life
  • Process Safety Management (PSM) documentation to support compliance
  • Basket strainers for amine heat exchanger inlets
  • 2 x 100% amine circulation pumps
  • Fisher® control valves, Rosemount® transmitters, Allen-Bradley® ControlLogix PLC®
  • Minimal foaming with pneumatic pump for antifoam injection
  • Heat tracing and insulation

Standard Modules

  • Inlet Gas Contactor System
  • Inlet Gas Coalescer
  • Amine Contactor
  • Treated Gas Scrubber
  • Liquid Product Contactor System
  • Inlet Gas Coalescer
  • Amine Liquid Contactor
  • Treated Liquid Scrubber
  • A100 Regeneration System
  • Regeneration Module
  • Flash Tank Module
  • Amine Reboiler
  • Amine Cooler
  • Amine Still Reflux Condenser
  • Amine Still
  • Hot Oil Module
  • Low Emission, Hot Oil Heater

Optional Equipment & Services

Optional Equipment

  • Additional stainless steel upgrades for piping, vessels and tower tops
  • Ladder and platform access on towers and skids
  • Rich amine level control shut down valve
  • Additional rich amine filter (charcoal or mechanical)
  • Spare parallel lean/rich exchanger
  • Additional cold-weather heat tracing
  • Warm air recirculation
  • Variable frequency drive motor control
  • Flash contactor on amine flash tank
  • Product treating in lieu of gas treating
  • Gas/gas exchanger
  • Treated gas cooler
  • Triethylene glycol unit
  • Makeup amine and water systems
  • Custom paint color

Optional Services

  • Installation engineering
  • Exterran QuickStart
  • Air emissions permitting
  • HAZOP support
  • Build, own and operate
  • Build, operate and transfer