Cryogenic Systems

Exterran’s Cryogenic Systems recover up to 93+% ethane at capacities from 30 to 200+ million standard cubic feet of inlet gas per day (MMscfd), depending on the inlet gas composition and conditions.

Our cryogenic designs consists of a mol sieve dehydration system with Ultra-Low NOx heater and turbo-expander based demethanizer systems to recover ethane, propane, and heavier natural gas liquids. Our modular plant designs operate in Ethane Recovery or Rejection Mode depending on market conditions.

Faster Start-Ups

  • Reduced manufacturing times with inventories of key components and finished standard products
  • Modular designs combined with in-house Balance of Plant Engineering reduces your project schedule and increases profits

Value Performance

  • Exterran’s plant designs optimize NGL recovery and are backed by a process guarantee
  • Our plants have a broad design basis to ensure flexible and efficient operation for a variety of lean to rich gas compositions
  • We use high-quality components such as ORBIT® switching valves, Rosemount® transmitters and Chart brazed aluminum heat exchangers
  • Proven, pre-engineered designs that can be customized to meet distinct specifications
  • Over 400 completed gas processing plants worldwide

Standard Features & Modules

Standard Features

  • Gas Subcooled Process (GSP) design
  • 93%+ Ethane recovery possible for typical NGL streams
  • Up to 99% Propane recovery in Ethane Rejection mode
  • Two-bed mol sieve gas dehydration sized for over 105 lbs of water per Mcf
  • Skid edge junction box compatible with any control system
  • Allen-Bradley ControlLogix® Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) and Wonderware® Human Machine Interface (HMI) workstations
  • High Efficiency expander/compressor wheel designed for a wide range of inlet conditions
  • Direct-fired regeneration gas heater with Ultra-Low NOx emissions

Standard Modules

  • Inlet Gas Separator
  • Mol Sieve Vessels
  • Mol Sieve Dehydration/Regeneration Module
  • Regeneration Gas Heater
  • Demethanizer Module
  • Turbo Expander/Compressor
  • Turbo Expander Discharge Cooler
  • Demethanizer Tower
  • Demethanizer Surge Tank
  • Product Cooler

Optional Equipment & Services


  • Power Distribution Center (PDC)
  • Auxiliary Refrigeration System (Closed-Loop Propane)
  • Inlet Gas Amine Treating
  • Liquid Product Amine Treating
  • Inlet/Residue Gas Meters
  • Fuel Gas Meter
  • Mercury Removal Bed
  • Horizontal or Vertical Product Pipeline Pumps
  • Pipe Rack Modules
  • Interconnect Piping
  • Inlet & Residue Compression Condensate Stabilizer
  • NGL Fractionation
  • Gas Flare System

Optional Services

  • Installation Engineering
  • Exterran Quickstart®
  • Process Safety Management (PSM) Documentation
  • Air Emissions Permitting
  • Hazop Support
  • Build, Own & Operate
  • Build, Operate & Transfer