Microbubble Flotation

With Exterran MBF®, oil is removed from produced water more efficiently and effectively. Unlike Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) systems that rely on solubility or typical IGF technologies that use large bubbles, our technology introduces trillions of microscopic bubbles to the untreated water. Because of the increased surface area and contact time, microbubbles are superior in capturing the smallest of oil particles and bringing them to the surface for skimming. MBF technology helps you attain cleaner water in the most challenging processes.

In all of our induced gas flotation systems, microbubbles are generated either through Exterran’s patented Gas Liquid Reactors® or ONYX® Pumps. The choice of equipment depends on the specific application, but both methods produce a unique microbubble size distribution that results in significant performance advantages.

Onyx® Pump

Exterran’s Onyx® Pump is small and lightweight, yet it is an unrivaled powerhouse in microbubble generation. Utilizing a multi-stage centrifugal design, it is engineered and built around API 610 standards to consistently deliver results in the harshest production environments. The Onyx Pump is highly reliable, making it ideally suited for critical operations and remote locations.

Gas Liquid Reactor®

Exterran’s Gas Liquid Reactor delivers exceptional microbubble generation while reducing overall costs. Using patented fluid dynamic processes, it produces microbubbles as small as five microns (smaller than a single human hair) to maximize oil separation in some of the highest volume and most difficult produced water applications. Gas Liquid Reactor’s superior efficiency allows reduction in the size of process equipment, thus saving capital and operating costs. With no internal moving parts, the Gas Liquid Reactor is remarkably simple to maintain and operate.