REVOLIFT® VS Flotation

RevoLift VS provides the performance of highly specified induced gas flotation systems at a fraction of the cost. It utilizes micro-bubble technology to deliver flow rates anywhere from 100 BWPD up to 30,000 BWPD at water quality targets of <10 ppm. The entire unit is housed in a standard 40-foot or 20-foot (low-flow) ISO container, allowing quick shipping, installation and commissioning with minimal engineering and site preparation. The system drives itself hydraulically with no internal moving parts resulting in a wide turndown range, high tolerance for upsets, and nonstop performance.

Key Benefits

Cost Saving

  • Pre-engineered, compact design and simple deploy and redeploy logistics lead to lower capital costs.
  • Substantially lower tie-in costs compared to high-spec systems.
  • No moving parts, which reduces costly failures and delays.

Better Performance

  • Significant operational advantages vs. high-spec systems at a much lower cost.
  • Wide turndown range handles variable flows without performance loss.
  • High tolerance for upsets due to multi-chamber design with no short-circuit paths.

High Flexibility

  • Compact, self-contained design is easy to ship, install and commission.
  • Autonomous operation through built-in control panel, or run Ethernet to your DCS for longer-term projects.
  • Quick delivery to move operations forward and achieve goals sooner.
  • Ability to treat difficult fluids such as polymer applications.

How it Works

RevoLift VS uses fluid hydraulics coupled with MBF to optimize oil-water separation. The multi-chambered design has no internal moving parts and requires no mechanical adjustments. Produced water enters the chambers sequentially as microbubbles are introduced. Oil is lifted upon the bubble layer and is skimmed off by overflowing an oil weir. The water then flows into the next chamber where more microbubbles are introduced and more oil is separated. The process drives itself hydraulically through all chambers, and water exits the system at targets as low as <10 ppm.

Standard Features & Options

Standard Features

  • Hydraulic skimming
  • Microbubble technology via ONYX® pump or Gas Liquid Reactor (GLR®)
  • Skimming collection tank
  • Skimming transfer pump
  • Instrumentation and controls for full automation
  • Piping, valves, cabling between inlet and outlet of unit
  • Outlet control valve
  • Complete process review
  • PLC-based controls
  • Materials of construction:
    • Tank: internally coated carbon steel
    • Non-Pressurized Piping: FRP
    • Pressurized Piping: FRP/Duplex 2205
    • Instruments: 316 SS wetted parts
    • ONYX pump: Duplex SS
    • GLR vessel: Duplex 2205

Standard Options

  • Water characterization services
  • Treatment chemical selection services
  • Ancillary equipment such as transfer pumps and chemical injection
  • Insulation
  • Computational fluid dynamics modeling