Health, Safety, Security, Environment

As an industry leader, Exterran® set the standard for innovative products and world-class operations. Deeply committed to providing a safe and secure workplace for our personnel and partners, we strive to raise the bar for health, safety, security, and environmental practices.

As a front-runner in safety through design and process integration, we believe in creating smarter, better ways to protect our people and the planet — standardizing those policies at our locations around the world.

We reliably and efficiently optimize equipment, processes and services from wellhead to pipeline to assist our global customers and other stakeholders in lowering environmental impact and adding value. Our products include features and applications which decrease emissions, and our continued development of sustainable technology in secondary water treatment allows optimal water preservation for re-use, re-injection or storage. Additionally, we offer our customers the option of on-site power generation, which further reduces costs and power use from local communities' power grid.

We are proud to lead an initiative to introduce safer, cleaner, more sustainable systems to our industry.

At Our Core

Working safe is not an obligation or duty, it is who we are. The foundation of our Core Values is our commitment to people and safety. And that foundation is supported through leadership and accountability demonstrated throughout our global operations.

Ongoing Compliance

Pursuing a rigorous level of compliance, Exterran is a global ISO certified company meeting the requirements of ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, and ISO 45001:2018. Worldwide standardized policies and procedures provide safeguards for our people, property, and the environment while ensuring consistent results for our customers and stakeholders.

We actively track Incident-Free Days and Total Recordable Incident Rates

Plan, Do, Check , Act

One Exterran Management System (OEMS) is our globally integrated management system based on internationally recognized standards and covers all aspects of our health, safety, security, environmental, and quality operations. Employees at all levels have access to and are required to work in accordance with OEMS and its contents. Continual improvement of OEMS is achieved through annual internal and external compliance audits to maintain multiple ISO certifications.

Working Smarter

Through our approach to corporate social and environmental responsibility and stainability we are able to maintain excellent safety performance, provide secure facilities, and limit our environmental footprint through robust environmental programs and reporting.


Our open culture encourages employees to proactively communicate. The Executive Leadership Team provides its full commitment and support and empowers all Exterran employees with the authority to report any activity or stop any job that appears to be unsafe, without fear of reprimand.