Technical Aftermarket Support

Whether it’s for a single piece of equipment or an entire gas processing facility, Exterran® can provide aftermarket support, including contract operations and/or long-term maintenance solutions to ensure production and profits keep flowing. Our experienced supervisors and technicians can tailor services to your location, terrain, weather, or equipment requirements, applying best practices to enhance reliability, cost-efficiency, and performance.

Aftermarket Support Team

Our worldwide team consists of more than 2,000 mechanics, engineers and technicians with demonstrated technical proficiency across all brands of equipment. With numerous major and satellite service locations worldwide, Exterran has technicians in or near every major oil and gas producing region in the world. We can get to your site quickly to address issues, minimizing downtime while optimizing operational costs and performance.

As owner and operator, we share best practices and operating and mechanical procedures to help maximize equipment performance and availability. Our combined expertise in equipment design, manufacturing, field operations, OEM parts and service help assure effective and optimal performance of oil and gas compression and processing assets.

Expert service ensures safe, cost-effective production and processing using a combination of best-practices: