Engineering Team Expertise

From software and IT innovations that improve productivity and efficiency, to the modeling, design, analysis, and simulation services that are crucial to a project’s success, we’re here to help you meet the toughest midstream engineering challenges. Exterran® is a registered engineering firm in Texas and Oklahoma, and our PE team is ready to work around the world to deliver the solutions you need to achieve your goals.

  • Preliminary & Detailed Design
  • Process Design & Analysis
  • Mechanical Design
  • Instrumentation & Electrical Design
  • Control System Design
  • PSM/HAZOP Assistance
  • Operations & Maintenance Manuals
We actively track Incident-Free Days and Total Recordable Incident Rates

Approved And Pending Patents

Our team has 69 patents approved or pending for technologies, products, and processes.

Global Expertise

Our engineers collaborate with customers around the globe, in over 30 countries to date.

Engineering Services

We do it all – from design and modeling, to analysis and simulation, to system and program development.

Our on staff registered Professional Engineers provide the following specialized services and domain expertise:

All Exterran Engineering Teams

  • 3D modeling of piping, vessels and structures with Aveva PDMS, Hexagon CADWorx and AutoCAD 3D
  • 3D Electrical Design of cable trays, conduit, instruments and panels utilizing Elecdes Electrical Design Automation suite
  • Structural Engineering, Analysis and Design utilizing Bentley STAAD and RAM connection and Tekla structures
  • Pressure Vessel analysis, calculation and sizing utilizing CodeWare Compress for ASME based mechanical codes and Hexagon PVelite for European based mechanical codes
  • Electrical Control Ladder system and program development utilizing Rockwell Tool suite
  • Pressure Vessel, Piping and Nozzle ASME design and finite Element Analysis utilizing Paulin Research FEpipe and Nozzle Pro
  • Pipe Stress Analysis – utilizing Hexagon Caesar II

Compression Engineering Teams

  • Vibration Analysis and Pulsation studies utilizing TNO Pulsim Analysis software
  • High Pressure Fracture Analysis studies utilizing Quest Integrity Signal FSS analysis software
  • SKID based equipment FEA analysis utilizing Ansys mechanical CFD Software
  • SKID based fluid dynamics analysis utilizing Ansys computational Fluid Dynamics

Process and Treating Engineering Teams

  • Amine gas processing analysis utilizing Protreat Amine analysis software
  • Gas Processing Plant simulation utilizing Aspentech software suite including Hysys and crude
  • Gas Flare analysis and simulation utilizing Aspentech Flarenet
  • Heat Exchanger design and sizing utilizing HTRI analysis and sizing suite.