Used to control the temperature of the flow stream, coolers are forced draft ambient air heat exchangers and are available with gas engines or electric motors.

Process Coolers are heat exchangers used to reduce gas and liquid wellstream temperatures to allow further processing and meet pipeline specifications. Three cooler types are available: natural gas engine drive, electric motor drive and ambient. Gas engine units are delivered complete with fuel gas filter, regulators, control panel and inlet and outlet piping to skid edge for fast installation and startup. In-stock Exterran Process Coolers have throughput capacities up to 30 MMscfd with minimal pressure drop and pressure ratings up to 1,440 psig.

Key Benefits

  • Expedited production drawings available as early as 4-5 business days for faster planning
  • Single well or multi well designs available along with full pad well designs
  • Robust skid design and commitment to service help bring operations online quickly
  • Cost-effective maintenance
  • Installation and commissioning of the units to facilitate and speed startup
  • Industry-leading delivery to speed startup

How it Works

The wellstream enters the cooler and flows through the tubes, which lowers the temperature of the stream. The fan blows air across the tubes to allow continuous cooling. The louvers automatically adjust the airflow to maintain the outlet gas temperature, allowing optimized airflow through the system. The exiting stream can be cooled to within 15°F of ambient temperature.

Standard Features & Options

Standard Features

  • ANSI 900 RF inlet and outlet flanges at skid level
  • Temperature controlled automatic louvers
  • Pre-piped and assembled package
  • Concrete-filled oilfield type skid allows for tailboarding
  • Fuel gas assembly with ASME code sock filter
  • Containment blowcase tank
  • Enclosed control panel
  • Natural gas driven engine
  • ASME code cooler headers
  • Battery in locking case for engine starter, with alternator
  • High quality enamel paint system
  • Tool box


  • Electric drive motor
  • External power generation
  • Alternate cooler and fan size
  • Corrosion allowance
  • Optional materials for coils
  • Engine lube oil storage tank
  • Catalytic converter and silencer for control of emissions
  • Optional coatings
  • Sour gas service designed and built to NACE standards
  • Customization to meet additional specifications