Water Solutions

Exterran® provides a full range of treatment solutions for removing oil and suspended solids from produced water with primary, secondary, and tertiary treatment. Our unique service offerings from customized products to retrofitting, allow us to understand water challenges and clean-up requirements through expertise in the field, lab studies, and equipment design. We help recover oil and reduce disposal cost whether shipping it offsite or reinjecting on location.

Exterran designs, builds, and commissions systems that quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively treat produced water ranging in volumes from 100 to >1,000,000 barrels of water per day (BWPD) for oil and gas production facilities.

Every product and service that we offer is designed for industry leading treatment efficiency, wider operating bands, and lower capital costs. We help customers meet their treatment standards and achieve production, schedule, and budget goals.


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Field Services

Our trained staff will visit your site to help evaluate your needs. Upon completing a Water Characterization Study, Exterran will offer a site specific technical review to identify a solution to best meet your needs.

Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) Modeling & Retrofit Services

Make the most of new or existing equipment. Through CFD modeling (single or multiphase), Exterran can identify short-circuiting and problem areas then demonstrate how modifications will improve performance. Retrofitting existing equipment using Exterran’s patented designs and technologies can help dramatically lower CAPEX and OPEX.

Lab Services

Exterran has the capability to run actual site samples through our lab to validate and tune our CFD models or qualify equipment performance. Our lab allows us to test variables such as highly sheared oil, high oil loading, varied retention times, and chemical programs for conventional and unconventional applications to make sure sites are operating smoothly and efficiently.

Custom Packages

When production processes call for unique specifications and custom features, Exterran delivers. Our engineers work closely with you to develop exactly the right configuration to meet your produced water treatment requirements.

Unconventional Solutions

Exterran has developed solutions for your most challenging water. We have success in unconventional fields handling produced back polymer, SAGD heavy oil, and frac flowback. With options of purchase, lease, or contract services, we can solve your water problems.


  • 9 technologies patented
  • 30 Countries
  • 41 Patents issued
  • 28 Patents pending
  • 6 patents under regional coverage
  • 1 Patent under Global PCT
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