Secondary Treatment

Exterran® has patented Micro-Bubble Flotation (MBF) technologies to help with all applications. Our secondary water treatment processes are efficient, effective and well-proven throughout the world.

Revolift® HS

The RevoLift®HS induced gas flotation (IGF) vessel is a high-volume microbubble flotation system that targets oil separation outputs as low as <10ppm and trouble-free separation at rates up to 150,000 bwpd in a single vessel. revolift hs takes oil separation performance far beyond typical induced gas flotation systems. as produced water moves continuously through multiple chambers, microbubbles are introduced to lift the smallest suspended oil particles to the surface where they are skimmed off, resulting in clean outputs. the system is purely hydraulic with no internal moving parts, providing continuous, trouble-free separation. its multi-chambered, sequential treatment design handles variable flows and upsets without performance impact or short-circuiting problems.

Revolift® VS

The Revolift®VS is a portable and compact induced gas flotation (IGF) unit that utilizes microbubble flotation (MBF®) with target outlet oil concentrations as low as <10ppm and flow rates up to 30,000 bwpd. revolift vs provides the performance of highly specified induced gas flotation systems at a fraction of the cost. the entire unit is housed in a standard 40-foot or 20-foot (low-flow) iso container, allowing quick shipping, installation, and commissioning with minimal engineering and site preparation. the system drives itself hydraulically with no internal moving parts resulting in a wide turndown range, high tolerance for upsets, and nonstop performance.

Revolift® CFU

The Revolift®CFU is a highly efficient vertical IGF suitable for onshore and offshore applications by providing a lightweight solution with a small footprint. Options are available for flowrates ranging from 10,000 to 150,000 BPD with achieved outlets as low as <20ppm using mbf.®

Revolift® SP

The Revolift® SP is designed to cater to the Shale Play market. Utilizing Exterran's patented microbubble flotation technology(MBF®), the RevoLift SP floats out contaminants separately from oil allowing for efficient oil recovery. A single trailer-mounted unit can handle flow rates up to 30,000 BWPD with target outputs as low as <10 ppm OIW, <5 ppm Fe+, and >250 mV ORP.

GFT™ Flotation

GFT™ Flotation combines the process of a gravity tank and an IGF into a multi-chambered API tank that utilizes microbubble technology for high-volume secondary removal of oil from produced water in a versatile cost-saving design. It has the ability to achieve as low as <10ppm target output at flow rates from 50,000 to 750,000 bwpd. this product can also be configured for produced back polymer treatment.