Solids Handling

Manage your solids with Exterran technologies built to effectively and efficiently handle solids fluidization and removal.

Separon™ Desanding Hydrocylone

Designed to meet the harsh conditions of the upstream process, Separon™ Desanding Hydrocylones achieve efficient solids separation while managing pressure drop. The number of operating liners is determined by the system differential pressures and flow rates to maximize efficiency.

Separon™ Desander

Separon™ Desanders are designed for bulk solids removal. Used for a wide range of offshore and onshore applications, these systems take on the dirtiest challenges and keep fluid streams free of troublesome solids. With a 2:1 turndown ratio, single units are available for flow rates ranging from 100 to 450,000 BPD.

Separon™ Solids Transport System

The Separon™ Solids Transport System is a compact fluidization and solids transport solution. Designed to replace conventional sparging systems, this device has been optimized to achieve maximum coverage over the vessel floor for efficient removal of solids.