P-KLONE™ Hydrocyclone Oil-Water Separation

The P-KLONE™ Hydrocyclone is a highly efficient and economic approach to processing oil-laden water. It is a well-proven method for taking water from the production separator with oil concentrations up to 5% and readying it for secondary treatments such as induced gas flotation or filtration. The hydrocyclone can be designed to handle any flow volumes and output pressures you require. P-Klone is small, lightweight and insensitive to orientation or motion, making it an ideal solution for offshore and space-constrained onshore applications.

Key Benefits


  • Cost-effective, efficient way to reduce oil concentration prior to secondary de-oiling.
  • Eliminates the cost of a feed pump by using existing process pressure.
  • Easy to ship, install and start up, making it ideal for temporary and long-term projects.

Better Performance

  • Low risk technology, with nearly 30 years of proven performance and thousands of units in service.
  • Easy to maintain with no moving parts, no failure-prone mechanisms, and no fugitive emissions.

High Flexibility

  • Works flawlessly regardless of orientation or pitch and roll motions offshore.
  • Wide turndown range allows flow rates ideal to your operation.

How it works

P-Klone converts the velocity of water flowing from the production separator into centrifugal force. The shape of the unit causes the water to form a vortex, much like a whirlpool. The water moves faster as the sides taper in, causing a reverse-flowing low-pressure area in the center. The heavier water moves to the outside wall of the unit, while the lighter oil concentrates in the center. Water exits at the clean-water outlet and the oil exits at the opposite end. This entire separation process happens in less than two seconds.

Standard Features & Options

Standard Features

  • ASME code pressure vessel, vertical or horizontal orientation
  • Flanged liner access
  • Complete process review

Material of Construction

  • Pressure vessel: internally coated carbon steel
  • Support plates: coated carbon steel
  • Internals: Duplex 2205

Standard Options

  • Blanking liners to adapt for low-flow conditions
  • Pump-driven system
  • Skid, piping, instrumentation and controls
  • Water characterization services
  • Chemical selection and supply
  • Upgraded materials for vessels, internals, valves, instruments, piping (Duplex SS, Hasteloy)
  • Ancillary equipment such as transfer pumps and chemical injection
  • Cold-weather protection such as skid enclosure and insulation
  • Other options as required to meet your specifications