• Energy Infrastructure

    Enerflex offers standard and customized products at every stage of the natural gas value chain. We manufacture and modify all the products required for energy projects at a global scale, with innovative in-house engineering delivering a tailored, full-service solution.

  • Products

    Enerflex offers standard and customized products at every stage of the natural gas value chain. We manufacture and modify all the products required for energy projects at a global scale, with innovative in-house engineering delivering a tailored, full-service solution.

  • Services

    The life cycle of an asset can be 30 years or more. To maximize uptime and deliver significant value, assets in the natural gas sector require constant maintenance – preventive and restorative. Systems and parts may need to be upgraded or retrofitted. In the shop or in the field, Enerflex has trained expert technicians to solve service problems for customers worldwide, with long-term maintenance contracts and extensive local parts inventory for peace of mind.

  • Solutions

    Enerflex partners with customers, across the natural gas value chain wellhead to downstream. Expert in-house teams have experience in every configuration, onshore and offshore, sub-Arctic, tropical, and desert climate applications. We offer maximum flexibility with new compression, gas processing, refrigeration, power generation, and integrated facilities — paired with rentals, contract compression, and after-market services. Enerflex also provides total assurance with Build-Own-Operate-Maintain (BOOM).

  • Company

    Enerflex plays a pivotal role in the global transformation of energy markets through innovative processing and treating of natural gas. Our forward-thinking and entrepreneurial leadership is committed to delivering the fuel of the future to diverse industries, fast-growing communities, and discerning homeowners all around the world, creating shareholder value as we meet demand.

Energy Transition

A Proven Partner for the Energy Transition

Building a more sustainable future for all

Energy transition is one of the key challenges facing the 21st century. Enerflex is a trusted and proven partner, embracing the opportunity to build a more sustainable future.

For over 40 years, Enerflex has designed, engineered, manufactured, and constructed energy transition solutions worldwide. The Company’s strong foundation of technical excellence in modular equipment has allowed it to make significant advances in a range of fields and solutions.

Enerflex has proven expertise in delivering low-carbon solutions, including carbon capture utilization and storage, electrification, renewable natural gas, and hydrogen solutions, and works closely with its customers to help facilitate global decarbonization efforts.

Given the optimistic market outlook coupled with our inherently aligned capabilities – especially in areas where long-term carbon tax credits and other incentives exist – Enerflex is well positioned to meet the world’s increasing sustainability needs.

In 2022, Enerflex expanded its Energy Transition platform, building on an impressive four decades of expertise in delivering low-carbon solutions. Natural gas will continue to be a key component in the global energy mix for decades to come, and Enerflex is uniquely positioned to provide the solutions needed to transform energy for a sustainable future.

By 2050, these technologies are expected to eliminate over 50% of total global emissions reductions needed in the transition to net-zero, with Enerflex contributing in an impactful way.

Four Proven Solutions

Capturing excess carbon dioxide produced during energy creation and either storing it or recycling it for other use.

The creation of new e-compression equipment powered by renewable sources to integrate with new and existing installations.

Exploring the potential of renewable natural gases generated from organic sources such as landfill gas, biogas, wastewater, and wood gas.

Replacing traditional fuels with clean-burning hydrogen derived from electrolysis and other methods.

Why Partner With Enerflex?

  • 40-Years’ Experience Managing CO2
  • Successful Portfolio of simple to complex low-carbon solutions covering CCUS, electrification, bioenergy, and hydrogen.
  • Strategic Partnerships to help this industry grow and thrive
  • Pilot projects – working in collaboration with our customers to drive new industry solutions

Project Canary

Enerflex has partnered with Project Canary to focus on defining and developing industry-leading third-party independent environmental assessments and digital measurement, reporting, and verification (dMRV) and environmental assessment specific to the CCS industry. The resulting solutions will enhance trust and transparency and deliver audit-quality actionable data for public and private stakeholders looking to validate the efficacy and performance of CCS operations.

Pilot Project

Enerflex is working on a pilot project with a global market infrastructure and data platform company to develop digital fuels using CCS. As part of the pilot project, we will develop intangible digital products that will create, register, and transact digital assets, certificates, and associated environmental attributes and environmental performance data. In addition, the project will adopt best in-class third party verification and emissions assessment frameworks to meet voluntary and compliance requirements.

Upon successful completion of these two initiatives, Enerflex will partner with its customers to offer a new level of fidelity and insight into MRV within the CCS industry and offer various options to monetize emissions abatement beyond the 45Q pathway using CCS.

Priority Power

Enerflex and Priority Power entered a joint marketing agreement that will deliver sustainable electrification of compression solutions to the North American energy industry. This synergistic collaboration of Priority Power’s Solar Plus technology with Enerflex’s e-compression equipment has the potential to eliminate Scope 1 emissions and reduce Scope 2 emissions by up to 47%.

The breadth of capabilities from Priority Power aligns with Enerflex’s ability to engineer, design, manufacture, and service turnkey modularized gas processing facilities, including gas compression and electric motor drive compression solutions. With over 40 years of experience in electrification and over 3 million horsepower installed globally – Enerflex is a leading contributor to the e-compression market.  Check out the full press release here or call us today to see how we can provide you with a cost-effective electrification solution while reducing your emissions.

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